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UBS Books reserves the right to revise or withdraw the content of this web site in whole or in part at any time without notice.


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For our shopping cart facility to work you must have your computer be able to accept cookies. A cookie is a small piece of information used to communicate with your browser. The cookie is stored on your hard drive and allows us to remember just what titles you have added to shopping cart.


Terms & Conditions of Sale

Credit Card Security

For your security our site employs 128 bit SSL for all credit card transactions.

128 bit SSL (secure sockets layer - also known as https://) is a technology used to secure form / data transmissions on the web. SSL works by a server exchanging a "key" with the customer before any data is transmitted. The data is then encrypted before it is sent and decrypted by the server at the other end. Any individual intercepting this data would see what looks like garbage - jumbled data.

SSL is fairly simple with a request being sent to a web server for a secure transaction. The server sends out its public key, which is generated on the spot. The client (your Web Browser) receives this key and encrypts all messages with it. The server (and only the server) can decrypt the messages and it will then respond with a message encrypted with the server's private key. The client then uses the public key to decode the server's transmission.

In addition the SSL process checks to make sure the server the client is transmitting to is who it's supposed to be.

Contrary to popular opinion, websites that employ SSL, like ours, can offer you more protection than most offline merchants that accept credit cards.


Customer Representation

The customer acknowledges and agrees that UBS Books is relying upon the customer's representation when UBS Books chooses to accept the customer order, or accepts buying or selling second-hand books. The customer will comply with all applicable New Zealand laws & regulations, and agrees to be bound by UBS Books' Terms & Conditions.


Customer Services

For customer services either email direct from this site or write to us at:

ACG Customer Services
University Bookshop Ltd
PO Box 90944
Victoria Street West 1142
New Zealand

Or acg@ubsbooks.co.nz



All reasonable efforts will be made to dispatch in-stock items within two working days from receipt of order. For out of stock items, customers will be informed of any delays. The cost of freight & handling (courier within New Zealand, air delivery outside New Zealand) is added to the order. For our delivery policy see here.

Postage/freight and handling charges will be added to orders at the following rates:

Whangarei to Hamilton:
For all deliveries there is a charge of $3.00 per package up to 25kg.

Rest of North Island:
For all other deliveries $6.00 per package up to 15kg.

South Island:
For all other deliveries $8.00 per package up to 10kg.

Overseas orders are automatically sent by standard air unless the customer requests otherwise.
All overseas freight is based on weight and we normally add 0.5kgs extra to allow for packing.
There are 3 methods – air express (1-4 days), standard air (5-7 days) and economy (3 weeks); charges of which vary greatly.
If you have any queries, please contact us.


Force Majeure

UBS Books will not be liable to any customer for any delays or failure to perform due to any causes beyond our reasonable control. These causes may include acts or omissions of the customer, acts of God, default by a supplier, interruptions to delivery due to transport difficulties. The delivery cycle will be interrupted to be extended by the time lost by the excusable delay.



All prices include GST for those purchasing within New Zealand.



You may pay for orders with a valid customer credit card, online banking or a cash deposit at any Westpac branch. Your credit card will be charged at the time when your order is invoiced & shipped. See the GST & Pricing sections for issues relating to sales tax.

Online we accept:




Prices are given in New Zealand dollars and exclude freight costs. Where you as a customer are domiciled in New Zealand, prices include GST. Where you as a customer are domiciled other than in New Zealand, the prices do not include VAT or sales tax applying in the country where you are domiciled. The customer is responsible for payment of any sales tax applying in the country in which they are domiciled, in addition to the purchase price.


Pricing Disclaimer

Book prices can sometimes change. The prices listed here should not be considered to be an advertised price.


Returns & Refunds

All products are sold on a not returnable and non-refundable basis; except where products are shown to be defective.

If you change your course, then you can exchange new textbooks so long as:

  • The books are unmarked & and in resaleable condition.
  • The relevant UBS Books sales docket or invoice is presented.
  • You complete the exchange within 14 days from the date of purchase.
  • Assuming all these conditions are met you can exchange your textbooks for other books, stationery or UBS gift vouchers.
  • Cash refunds are only possible if your item is defective and UBS Books will repair, replace of refund the item at their discretion.
  • Always keep sales receipts & invoices.


Risk & Ownership

Ownership of the goods passes once payment is received in full & funds cleared. Risk of loss passes from UBS Books to the customer once the customer has signed acceptance from the courier upon delivery of the goods from UBS Books facility.


Second-hand Texts

UBS will give you cash for certain current second-hand texts at pre-determined venues as agreed between UBS Books and ACG. Please contact us for details on when we purchase secondhand books and what books we are purchasing.


Textbook Availability

All prescribed & recommended textbooks for ACG courses are ordered. If a book is out of stock due to shipment delays, reprints or fluctuating enrolments, put your name down for the book and UBS Books will notify you when the book arrives.


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